November 10, 2019; Author: Erin Bonafede

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the lives of countless families were changed forever. One such family was that of Stephen Siller, a New York City firefighter who gave his life that fateful day. While overcome with the immensity of this tragedy, Stephen’s family knew that they wanted to honor his memory. Through this desire to keep the spirit of their fallen loved one alive, Tunnel to Towers Foundation was born.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is a non-profit organization which started in one of New York's five boroughs, Staten Island, by Stephen's brother, Frank Siller to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice of life for out country.

Reprinted from the June 10, 2015, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper
by Diccon Hyatt

Joseph Bonafede is an expert at breaking and entering. For much of his career, he specialized in sneaking into buildings where he wasn’t wanted, doing his job, and leaving without a trace. He can pick locks and spot a hidden camera with ease.

“There’s definitely a pucker factor when you’re doing it, but there’s a lot of reward,” Bonafede says. His biggest score in this job was $1 million in cash, which earned him a commendation from the mayor of New York City.

Here it is important to note that Bonafede is a retired police officer. As a member of the NYC police technical services department, Bonafede set up wiretaps, GPS tracking devices, cell phone interceptions, and hidden cameras. He would often sneak into organized crime locations and install hidden cameras and listening devices to gather evidence on gang leaders.

Linden Airport’s new security system includes products from NVT and Keyscan
By Guy Apple

During World War II, Grumman Aircraft Corporation was located across the street from Linden Airport. Grumman started the production of the manufacture of the Wildcat, Avenger and Hellcat aircrafts and as the fighters were produced, they were towed over to Linden for test flights and delivery. After the war, Linden Airport was turned over to the city of Linden which still owns and operates the airport under contract.

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